About Bob Cook

Bob Cook has 35 years of experience in the packaging industry. He founded CDC Packaging, Inc., in 1993 to provide custom packaging solutions for challenging shipments, such as heavy, expensive, delicate equipment that needs to be packed following clean room protocols.

A Passport For Export Shipments

You would never drop an envelope in the mailbox without the proper postage. Or expect your vehicle to pass inspection without a current registration sticker. But you might not know that a shipping crate won’t clear customs on arrival unless it sports a specific type of stamp on the side panel.

Before allowing any crate to enter their country, customs officials will look for an IPPC ISPM-15 certification stamp. In […]

The Secret to Super-Strong Shipping Crates

What makes one shipping crate stronger than another? You might guess that it’s the thickness of the lumber or the size of the nails used to fasten the planks together.

Starting with quality materials is always important, but two crates made with very similar materials can have vastly different levels of durability. The trick is in the technique used to construct the crates.

The secret to building super-strong shipping crates? […]

What Your Packager Needs to Know

Your weekly calendar reveals that you are scheduled to meet with an industrial packager on Friday to discuss how best to ship your new product overseas. Suddenly, you feel just like you did back in school when the teacher announced a pop quiz.

You know that safely transporting your product to the customer’s site is the critical final step of the manufacturing process. But packing and shipping […]

Steady As She Ships!

When you think of protective industrial packaging, you likely think of a sturdy wooden shipping crate supported from below by a hefty skid. There’s no question that the crate and skid are important elements of any successful shipment. But to see the real heroes of industrial packaging, you need to look inside the crate.

The shipping crate is like a shell […]

Game Plan for a Successful Shipment

There’s no question about it. It’s nerve-wracking to send the product you have spent months designing, manufacturing, and calibrating out into the real world. Having done everything you can to create a perfect product, it’s natural to be nervous about the perils it will face as it travels from your facility to your customer’s location.

But, as comforting as it might be, it would be impractical to attempt […]

How to Avoid a Nightmare Shipment

The long process of design, manufacture, and testing is finally completed and your product is ready to ship. Understandably, you’re nervous.

Sending your carefully constructed product out into the world can be a scary prospect because your package is likely to face a frightening list of dangers as it travels from your facility to your customer’s location. But if you take the proper […]

Partnering for Better Industrial Packaging

How often do you interact with the people who package and transport your product? Is an industrial packager on speed-dial? Or would you be hard-pressed to pick your packaging team out of a line-up?

It’s easy for the design and manufacturing of your product to monopolize management’s attention. But if you are serious about making sure your product arrives safely […]

Winning at the Game of Shipping

The New England Patriots football team has achieved great success by encouraging each player on the team to “do your job.” Applying that same mindset to supply chain logistics can put your business on the road to victory.

On a football team, every player has a specific responsibility. You wouldn’t expect a wide receiver to guard the quarterback or ask a […]

How to Hire a Cleanroom Packager

The good news? Business is booming. Your customer base is expanding and orders are rolling in.

The bad news? Some of your new clients are from an entirely new market sector with requirements your business has never had to worry about before.

Case in point: The specs you just received from an important new customer state that your product must be certified […]

A Greener Way to Ship

Businesses large and small are exploring new ways to go green. It may be more expensive in the short-term, but making environmentally-friendly choices can have long-term benefits for your bottom line.

Even when it may be difficult to quantify any cost savings, there may be compelling reasons to make a change from business as usual. New legislation and code updates may […]