Preventing Shock and Vibration During Shipment

It’s a nightmare common to all manufacturers of delicate equipment: The machinery leaves your facility in mint condition, calibrated for peak performance at your customer’s location. But when the machinery is unpacked at its final destination, it is out of calibration, or worse, components are broken.

Somewhere along its journey, the shipment suffered a shock or vibration event. And now you […]

How to Schedule a Shipment

It’s a common scenario: A product is conceived, designed, and manufactured with immense care and attention to detail. Every step in the process from concept to finished product is scheduled, prioritized, and mile-stoned, except for the final task: Delivering that product to your customer.

Executing that final step successfully requires a fair amount of lead time, especially if you are shipping […]

Protecting Your Shipment from Moisture Damage

Shipping Day has finally arrived. The equipment that your company has spent months manufacturing and calibrating is carefully packed into custom-built padded crates and loaded onto a truck to begin its journey to your customer’s site.

You are confident that your equipment is protected from bumps and bruises during transit, but have you taken precautions to avoid the silent, invisible threat […]