Heavy-Duty Skids

Protecting Your Shipment from the Ground Up

Packaging heavy equipment for transport is a serious challenge. Supporting shipments weighing from 5,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds while holding to rigid domestic and international shipping specifications requires creativity and a depth of knowledge. And the best heavy-duty skids available.

Protection with Skids

Skids with Skidmates   Heavy Duty Skids

Creative Solutions to Shipping Challenges

Here are two examples of our superior skids, that coupled with years of experience, helped to solve weighty problems for our customers.

PROBLEM:  Top Heavy Machinery
The 20,000-pound electron beam processing equipment we were crating was top heavy and had a challenging shape. (The mounting location was 16″ from the bottom of the equipment.) In addition, there was a large hub that hung down well below the mounting point.

Conventional construction called for wood supports bolted to the skid runners. However, the unusual shape and unequal weight distribution of this equipment needed more security than standard wood supports could provide. So we made our own.

We improved on the conventional method by adding custom metal brackets that we manufactured in-house. The large hub was nestled between two short wood supports which were also anchored with metal brackets. Here are a few photos we took while crating this challenging equipment.

Custom Metal Brackets      Heavy Skids Example

PROBLEM:  Height Restrictions
The semi-conductor equipment that we were contracted to crate weighed 25,000 lbs — and was worth more than half a million dollars. The specs said that the final package could not be more than 108″ tall.  The challenge:  How could we support this much weight with wood beams (runners) without exceeding the height limit?

We laminated steel between the wood runners to add the necessary strength to the heavy duty skid without adding any additional height to the shipment.

CDC Packaging has an in-house metal shop where steel can be cut, drilled, bent, de-burred, welded, and painted.
The bottom line? You can trust the heavy-duty skids from CDC Packaging to deliver the protection your shipments require.