How to Choose the Best Shipping Crate

At first glance, it might seem like all wooden shipping crates are created equal. In fact, it might be tempting to simply choose the cheapest option because boxes made of wood can’t be all that complicated, right? But shipping your product in a poorly constructed shipping crate can have serious consequences. Here’s how to spot the subtle differences that could […]

Where to Pack Your Shipment

When your product is ready to ship, do you imagine ordering in some custom packaging supplies and crating it on-site? You might be surprised to learn that packaging it off-site could be a better choice.

There are a very few circumstances when packaging MUST happen at your site. For example, if your product:

Is so delicate that it cannot be safely transported […]

Do I Need a Custom Crate?

How will your product be packaged when it’s ready to leave your facility and travel to your customer’s site? Nestled in packing “peanuts” inside a cardboard box? Or secured on a custom-built skid, cushioned by foam cut to match every contour, and protected from all sides by a wooden shipping crate?

Some products will travel well strapped to a pallet and […]

Special Case: Shipping Electronics

Shipping any type of equipment requires careful attention to packaging and handling, but manufacturers of electronic capital equipment face a special set of challenges.

Whether you’re delivering a control unit to help power a nuclear plant in Dubai or shipping the electronics for a vacuum chamber that draws chemicals into pressure-treated lumber, small decisions can have huge impacts.

Electronics are always high-maintenance […]

How to UNPack Your Shipment

 The shipping crate has arrived at its final destination. Now your customer can tear off the packaging and start using their new equipment, right? Not so fast! The final step in your shipment’s journey requires a bit more planning and care than a wrapping paper free-for-all under the Christmas tree.
Follow these steps for a successful UNpack:
1. Inspect the exterior.
Do a visual […]

Consolidation: Peace of Mind in a Crate

Imagine that you’re a major player in the telecommunications industry. You recently shipped several packages to a customer in Asia. Yesterday, your installers flew out to complete the installation.

But now, the phone rings with bad news. The installers have arrived at your customer’s site to discover that one of the packages has not yet arrived. Without that critical piece, the […]

ISO Certification: Our Commitment to Our Customers

In October 2015, CDC Packaging began the process of being certified to ISO 9001:2015. Over the next several months, we will formalize and document the quality management processes and manufacturing procedures that have earned us such high customer satisfaction ratings for the past 20 years.

Then an independent agency, IMSM Limited, will verify that CDC Packaging has met all the requirements […]

Preventing Shock and Vibration During Shipment

It’s a nightmare common to all manufacturers of delicate equipment: The machinery leaves your facility in mint condition, calibrated for peak performance at your customer’s location. But when the machinery is unpacked at its final destination, it is out of calibration, or worse, components are broken.

Somewhere along its journey, the shipment suffered a shock or vibration event. And now you […]

How to Schedule a Shipment

It’s a common scenario: A product is conceived, designed, and manufactured with immense care and attention to detail. Every step in the process from concept to finished product is scheduled, prioritized, and mile-stoned, except for the final task: Delivering that product to your customer.

Executing that final step successfully requires a fair amount of lead time, especially if you are shipping […]

Protecting Your Shipment from Moisture Damage

Shipping Day has finally arrived. The equipment that your company has spent months manufacturing and calibrating is carefully packed into custom-built padded crates and loaded onto a truck to begin its journey to your customer’s site.

You are confident that your equipment is protected from bumps and bruises during transit, but have you taken precautions to avoid the silent, invisible threat […]