Clean Room Supplies

Supplies for Every Cleanroom Protocol

CDC Packaging can supply you with whatever you need to satisfy clean room protocols, in any industry or location throughout the country.

  • Cleanroom Film
  • Cleanroom Polyethylene (Poly) Tubing
  • Cleanroom Bags (polyethylene bag, poly bag, foil bag, tyvek bag, nylon bag)
  • Custom Bags (polyethylene bag, poly bag, foil bag, tyvek bag, nylon bag)
  • Cleanroom Shrouds (polyethylene, poly, foil, tyvek, nylon)
  • Custom Cleanroom Shrouds (polyethylene, poly, foil, tyvek, nylon)
  • Cleanroom Foil
  • Cleanroom Tape
  • Cleanroom Closed Cell Foams
  • Cleanroom Polyethylene (Poly) Foam
  • Cleanroom Polypropylene Sheet
  • Cleanroom Boxes
  • Cleanroom Plastic Corrugated Boxes
  • Cleanroom Containers

To learn more, consult our Cleanroom Packaging Products Brochure.

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

CDC Packaging provides custom-sized and -styled boxes ideal for cleanroom use. These corrugated plastic boxes are fabricated using fully recyclable HDPP. They are easily wiped and surface-cleaned and do not generate particulates.

Corrugated plastic boxes and bins can be reused many times, which makes them an excellent choice outside the cleanroom, as well!

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Cleanroom Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foams are a necessity to avoid bringing contaminants into the clean room. We stock a variety of types and densities to address your varying needs. These foams can be water-jet cut, saw cut, die cut and custom water-jet cut to any custom size and shape. We can create a 100% clean room compatible package using our our closed cell foam, corrugated plastic boxes, polyethylene film, and clean room tape.

Closed Cell Foam for Clean Room

Cleanroom Bags

Packaging for clean product typically starts with a bag. CDC Packaging supplies a diverse variety of bags in films including LDPE, nylon, Tyvek, foil laminates, anti-static, flat, gusseted, and zip seal. Our bags are manufactured clean and come with certificates of cleanliness.

This includes:

  • polyethylene bags (pe bags, poly bags)
  • Foil bags
  • tyvek bags
  • nylon bags
  • static shield bags

We can meet your requirements. Specify a custom bag or pick from our list of stocked poly bags, tubing, and zip seal.

Closed Cell Foam for Clean Room

Custom-made Bags, Covers, and Barrier Material

CDC Packaging is a major supplier of bags, covers, and barrier materials that can be custom-fabricated in any size. We supply clean room anti-static bags and covers which can be heat sealed. This creates a particle-free environment in which to ship your product.

We also supply vapor bag material which, when combined with an anti-static bag and desiccant, creates a clean, moisture-free environment for your shipment.

Cleanroom Shroud

See how it all comes together.

Check out the clean room packaging photo tour to see how we prepared one customer’s equipment for shipment.