Clean Room Packaging Supplies

Cleanroom Supplies for Every Protocol

CDC Packaging can supply you with whatever you need to satisfy clean room protocols, in any industry or location throughout the country.
We sell:

To learn more, consult our Cleanroom Packaging Products Brochure.

Cleanroom Bags

Packaging for clean product typically starts with a bag. CDC Packaging supplies a diverse variety of bags in films including LDPE, nylon, Tyvek, foil laminates, anti-static, flat, gusseted, and zip seal. Our bags are manufactured clean and come with certificates of cleanliness.

This includes:

  • polyethylene bags (pe bags, poly bags)
  • Foil bags
  • tyvek bags
  • nylon bags
  • static shield bags

We can meet your requirements. Specify a custom bag or pick from our list of stocked poly bags, tubing, and zip seal.

We distribute a variety of Certified Clean bags in an array of films.

  • Poly and Anti-Static Poly Cleanroom Bags and Tubing: Available in 2, 4 and 6 mil thickness as bags or tubing.
  • Nylon and Anti-Static Nylon Bags: Nylon bags give added strength in a lighter bag. Ideal for sharp edged parts, abrasion resistance and ultra clean requirements.
  • Shielded Bags: Shielded bags are excellent for electronic assemblies that are static-sensitive. Constructed of polyester outer and polyethylene inner static dissipative layers with a metalized core sandwiched between. Marked per ISO 9000.
  • Moisture Barrier Bags: Moisture barrier bags provide static protection with vacuum retention in a clear, non-metallic film. They have excellent abrasion resistance. Moisture bags are also available with a metallic core, among other configurations.
  • Zip Style Closure Bags: Available on most types listed.

We handle many in-stock sizes of each of the above types of cleanroom bags and a host of other standard configurations, see our brochure for details.

Need something else? We can also build flat or gusseted custom cleanroom bags to your exact specifications.

Corrugated Plastic Cleanroom Boxes

CDC Packaging provides custom-sized and -styled boxes ideal for cleanroom use.

The boxes are lightweight, strong and reusable and non-dust generating.

These corrugated plastic boxes are fabricated using fully recyclable high density polypropylene plastic (HDPP). They are easily wiped and surface-cleaned and do not generate particulates.

Manufactured using chemical resistant plastic provides product that is easily cleaned or sterilized for clean room environments.

  • Available in regular slotted carton styles (RSC) (4 mil thickness) with small to medium quantity orders available within 1-week.
  • Other styles, including Parcel Post and Pizza Style are also available. Boxes are available in a variety of colors, thicknesses or conductive resin.
  • Printing in chemically resistant 5-color process available.

Ask about out custom suspension pack designs for critical packaging.

Corrugated plastic boxes and bins can be reused many times, which makes them an excellent choice outside the cleanroom, as well!

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Closed-Cell Cleanroom Foam

Polyethylene foams are the most widely accepted foam types for clean room applications. They are a closed cell with low particle emission. Polyethylene foams have excellent shock absorbing capabilities and vibration dampening properties.

Closed cell foams are a necessity to avoid bringing contaminants into the clean room. We stock a variety of types and densities to address your varying needs, including:

  • Extruded Polyethylene: Extruded polyethylene cleanroom foam is available in plain, anti-static or conductive forms. Readily available in white, black, pink (A/S) and blue. Extruded polyethylene foam is easy to laminate and able to be glued. Die-cutting is the best method for shaping clean room parts.
  • Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foams: This is the best choice for critical environments, having the least particle emission. It is readily available in black. We shape it by die cutting, water jet or routing. It does not bond well, and a minimum order is often required.
  • Extruded Cross-Linked Polyethylene & Polyolefin Foams: These cleanroom foams are excellent replacements for bubble wrap in clean room applications. Their extruded surfaces offer the least particle emission. Readily available in 1/8″, 1/4″, and 1/2″ thicknesses. A minimum order is often required.

These foams are available in various weights and can be water-jet cut, saw cut, die cut and custom water-jet cut to any custom size and shape.

CDC is able to provide the proper foam, design and preparation for your application. We specialize in critical design packaging and are able to solve your need, large or small, high volume or individual piece.

We can create a 100% clean room compatible package using our closed cell foam, corrugated plastic boxes, polyethylene film, and clean room tape.

Closed Cell Foam for Clean Room

Cleanroom Foils and Shrouds: Custom-Made Bags, Covers, and Barrier Materials

When packing your equipment for shipment or storage, it is best to first entirely shroud it with an environmental protection bag system. CDC Packaging is a major supplier of bags, covers, and barrier materials that can be custom-fabricated in any size.

An environmental protection bag system typically consists of a poly bag covered with a sealed foil bag with desiccant in between. This creates a particle-free environment in which to ship your product.

We can assist you in the proper design, sizing and choice of film types to meet your application. Our clean shops can fabricate the bags (shrouds) to any size, 3-dimensional or flat 2-D. We can also provide you with all the tools and supplies.

Available products:

  • Large Poly Shrouds: Anti-Static or plain tested films providing the specifications your part requires. Available in clean and certified class 100.
  • Foil Laminated Films: Available in different laminate configurations, provide excellent moisture transmission protection with high vacuum retention.
  • Desiccant: Available from 1/4 unit to multi-unit bags, paper or Tyvek wrapped for clean applications. We will assist in calculating the appropriate size for your package.

We also supply vapor bag material which, when combined with an anti-static bag and desiccant, creates a clean, moisture-free environment for your shipment.

Cleanroom Shroud

Specialty Cleanroom Packaging Products

Clamshell Suspension Packs offer total shock protection for your critical part by floating it in sandwiched layers of film inside a rugged polystyrene box. Clamshell suspension packs are readily stocked in 3 sizes, with other styles and shapes supplied. Available pre-cleaned to Class 100, packed in case lots.

Protection Pouches, an alternative to bubble wrap, are custom-sized pouches which have the cushioning sandwiched between smooth film. They can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe. Options include anti-static film (use of alcohol may affect antistatic qualities) or metalized laminate. Designed with a fold over flap or heat sealable.

See how it all comes together.

Learn more about our clean room packaging process via a photo tour of us preparing one customer’s equipment for shipment.