Kubox Lightweight Shipping Crates

Reduce Freight Costs with the Right Shipping Crate

CDC Packaging is a distributor of Kubox, a lightweight shipping crate system which was the Winner of the DuPont Award for Innovation, Sustainability, and Waste/Cost Reduction.

These reusable, “transformable” crates are ideal for shipping items which are too fragile or heavy for a corrugated box. They are incredibly lightweight, which helps reduce your overall shipping costs.

Kubox crates ship flat to you and provide a flexible alternative to traditional wood shipping crates.

Kubox comes standard with 5-ply corrugated paper panels. OSB bottom or all OSB panels are available at no additional costs.

Kubox Lock Pin

Advantages of Kubox Shipping Crates

Superior Strength: Kubox is an example of masterful engineering, providing full crating strength at half the weight of wood.

Easy to Assemble: No tools are required to assemble Kubox crates. Set-up takes just minutes, making for easy crating.

Easy International Shipping: Made from paper, rather than wood, Kubox crates are not subject to ISPM export regulations. This makes international shipping less complicated, traveling through customs without hiccups.

Cost Savings: Lower freight costs makes Kubox less expensive to ship than other crating options.

Responsible Packaging: Kubox crates are durable, reusable, and transformable. It’s an eco friendly alternative to other shipping options.

Completely Customizable: Kubox comes in a variety of standard sizes and dimensions (Kubox Squares, Kubox Trunks, Kubox Towers, Kubox Freights, and Kubox Flats), but the containers can also be made to order to suit your exact requirements. You can specify custom sizes and printing, or design your own crate with lift handles, flush pins, and/or multi-cell organizers.


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