If you can build it,
we can ship it.

Industrial Packaging Design Services

The engineering team just informed you that the new product can’t take extreme temperature changes. And, it’s really sensitive to shock and vibration. But it’s due to ship out to your customer soon…

Does that scenario sound familiar? Packaging equipment for shipment is serious business, but all too often, it’s the very last thing a manufacturer considers. At CDC Packaging, that’s all we think about, all day, every day. So we can ensure that your shipment arrives safely at its final destination.

Contract with CDC Packaging for a single step or the whole packaging process. Our team of experts can:

  • Design the best packaging for your equipment.
  • Fabricate that packaging.
  • Package your products at your facility.
  • Meet with your freight forwarder or arrange the shipping for you.

Let us help you meet your deadline and deliver your package safely.

Our team has experience creating cost-effective custom packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries, including semiconductor, medical equipment, and the military.

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