Packaging Design Solutions

The Team to Trust

The best packaging begins with a creative and cost-efficient design. Our team draws on 20+ years of hands-on experience with some of the most expensive and sensitive equipment imaginable.

We are familiar with big company processes and methods: OSHA, ISO, Repair Specs, factory support requirements, and more. Our packaging professionals are trained in clean room protocol, protective equipment, proper use of material handling equipment, and safety procedures.

We are confident that we can design a packaging solution that will ensure safe shipment for your most challenging products.

Packaging Challenge Solved

Our customer had a multi-million-dollar micro-lithography device that was sensitive to shock, vibration, moisture, and temperature. We addressed shock and vibration by mounting isolation pads between the skid base and mounting platform. Sealing the machine in a foil moisture barrier with desiccant inside then controlled the moisture. But temperature was still a problem.

PROBLEM:  Temperature Spikes

Our customer made many attempts to solve the temperature problem to no avail. Even when climactic control was available during transport, the machine was suffering from being exposed to temperature extremes. CDC Packaging performed temperature and time recordings and discovered that temperature spikes were occurring when the machine was being left on hot airport tarmacs or in unheated warehouses while awaiting transfer to a truck. The rapid temperature changes, not the actual temperature exposure, was the problem.

SOLUTION:  Insulated Packaging

To slow the rate at which the machine warmed up or cooled down, CDC Packaging wrapped it in moving blankets and insulated the inside of the crate. Subsequent time and temperature data proved that the two-pronged insulation solution dramatically reduced the temperature spikes.

Let CDC Packaging handle YOUR packaging challenges. We can:

  • Design your equipment’s packaging.
  • Certify your packaging.
  • Manufacture your packaging.
  • Ship your packaging to you.
  • Pack your equipment for you.
  • Arrange rigging.
  • Contract a freight forwarder.
  • Assist in documentation.
  • Load your equipment onto the truck.
  • Arrange all trucking.

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