Medical Equipment Packaging Services

We have Deep Industry Expertise

Protecting highly sensitive medical equipment during shipment is a priority…because lives depend on it!

CDC Packaging has a proven track record for safely transporting highly sensitive medical equipment to destinations around the globe. We understand the special challenges of shipping medical equipment:

  • Equipment often ships directly to a doctor’s office or hospital, where there might not be access to a loading dock or forklift, or the tools usually used to un-crate the equipment.
  • Therefore, we manufacture crates with easy-open fasteners, wheels for transport, and ramps for unloading.
  • CDC Packaging is current on Global IPPC, ISPM 15 Heat Treating requirements, so we can ensure that your shipment avoids any snags during transport, no matter where in the world it is being shipped.

Let the experts at CDC Packaging pack and ship your high-value, super-sensitive medical equipment.  Our team will focus on the details that guarantee a safe arrival at your customer’s location.