Photo Tour: Cleanroom Packaging

How To Package Cleanroom Equipment For Shipping

First, a quick overview of how we package equipment for shipping while following cleanroom protocols:
  1. Clean all surfaces inside and out with cleanroom wipes and a mixture of de-ionized water and isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Wrap each part in 2-3 layers of approved material and either tape or heat-seal the material.
  3. Carefully inventory everything and properly pack in cleanroom boxes, bins, totes or wood crates.
  4. Triple-bag large items such as machine modules with 2 layers of cleanroom film and 1 layer of a vapor barrier material such as foil.
  5. Evacuate the excess air and seal the bags with desiccant inside.
  6. Secure product in place using custom-made shipping brackets, steel strapping, or blocking and bracing.
  7. Assemble crates around product and strap both vertically and horizontally or properly box and palletize depending on size, weight, and shipping destination.
  8. Properly label completed package with standard international shipping labels, shock labels, tilt labels, and shipping address.
  Now, enjoy a photo tour of the steps our team followed to prepare one shipment in a cleanroom environment:

Lay out cleanroom polyethylene and foil base sheets on skid.

Clean Room Tour - Polyethylene and Foil Base Sheets

Clean wheels and load onto shipping skid.

Clean Room Tour - Clean Wheels and Load

Cover machine with cleanroom polyethylene shroud.

Cleanroom Tour - Cover with polyethylene shroud

Insert desiccant prior to sealing the shroud.

Cleanroom Tour - Add desiccant before sealing shroud

Tape and seal base sheet to shroud.

Cleanroom Tour - Tape and Seal base sheet to shroud

Cover machine with foil shroud.

Clean Room Tour - Cove machine with foil shroud

Seal foil bag.

Cleanroom Tour - Seal Foil Bag

Evacuate air.

Cleanroom Tour - Evacuate Air