Mobile Packaging Team

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Sooner is better than later!  Call CDC Packaging as far in advance as possible — even if your equipment is not yet ready to ship. With a little extra lead time, we can help you schedule a packaging date that beats your deadlines.

Details we will need from you: 

  • Your anticipated ship date.
  • Description of the equipment.
  • Drawings or photos, if available.
  • Actual or estimated equipment dimensions.
  • Actual or estimated weight(s).

What we will need on the packing date:

  • A clean, dry, and unobstructed work area.
  • Material-handling equipment suitable for maneuvering your product. (If you do not have that equipment on-site, we will arrange for equipment rental and delivery.)

What we will bring with us:

  • Packing materials fabricated in advance to match your specs
  • Table saw
  • Cutoff saw
  • Air compressor
  • Nail guns
  • Screw guns
  • Impact wrench
  • Heat-sealing equipment
  • Strapping equipment
  • Lumber
  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Hardware
  • Any additional equipment or material specific to your shipping needs.

 Contact us today to start planning for your pack!