Nailing Techniques

The Secret to Our Super-Strong Crates

We use a steel nailing table when assembling our wooden crates and skids. This extra step increases the holding strength of our packaging and protects your products and personnel from the sharp end of the nail.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of force to drive nails through the thick wood needed for export crates. Take a look at what happens when nails are driven into the wood using standard crate construction techniques.

Nails and Crates

The protruding nails could pierce your equipment packaging and cause peripheral damage. Or, they could stab an unwary person during the packing and unpacking processes.

At CDC Packaging, we take extra care to keep your equipment and labor force safe.  The secret to our safer and stronger crates and skids?  Our steel nailing tables.

Steel Nailing Table

These large tables allow us to “clinch” all nails used in the assembly of your crates and skids. Clinching is a process in which the nail is driven through the material being assembled and into a steel surface. Once the nail hits the steel, it bends into the wood or “clinches.”

Clinched Nails for Better Crates

Clinching Offers Safety and Strength

  1. Clinching prevents nails from protruding through the crate which eliminates a potential safety hazard.
  2. Clinching also increases the holding power of the nail significantly.

CDC Packaging is proud to offer stronger, safer crates and skids for every shipping situation. Contact us today to discuss your specifications.