How often do you interact with the people who package and transport your product? Is an industrial packager on speed-dial? Or would you be hard-pressed to pick your packaging team out of a line-up?

It’s easy for the design and manufacturing of your product to monopolize management’s attention. But if you are serious about making sure your product arrives safely at your customer’s site, you should secure a packaging and shipping expert that will partner with you to perfect the delivery cycle.

Ideally, a representative from the packager would be part of the conversation before the first part is manufactured. All too often, however, arranging for the transport of the finished product is an after-thought. Specs are shared with a few packaging vendors, estimates are hastily collected, and the low-cost solution is selected. But treating delivery as a crisis to be solved post-production robs your company of the benefits of a more consistent partnership with an industrial packaging firm.

A Worthwhile Investment
Any business can benefit by partnering with a vendor that can provide critical services on demand, but manufacturers of capital equipment will reap the greatest rewards from the time invested in building a relationship with an industrial packaging company. Because your products are likely to be heavy, irregularly-shaped, and precisely calibrated, they will require custom packaging solutions to protect them from shock, vibration, and moisture in transit.

Just like interviewing job candidates, finding the perfect match in a custom industrial packager can take time and patience. Expect to meet several potential vendors before you find the right one. Spend time getting to know the best prospect by meeting in person or having a conference call. And share product specifications and corporate policies early in the process to determine if your organizations will be a good fit.

No matter how familiar you get with your potential partner, booking that first packaging job is always a leap of faith. But confidence will grow with every successful delivery and help forge the foundation of a strong, long-term relationship.

Benefits of A Long-Term Partnership

Just-Right Quotes:  When you work repeatedly with the same vendor, they learn your priorities, preferences, and quirks. That makes the cost-estimating process much more efficient.  If your products are particularly sensitive to vibration, for example, your quote might include a multidirectional foam pad — without you having to ask for it.

Stellar Service:  Companies like to go above and beyond for their best customers. If a vendor knows that you’re in it for the long haul, your requests are prioritized and your phone calls and emails get returned faster.

Faster Starts:  Even if your products have a very long lead time, maintaining current customer status with an industrial packager provides advantages. Reactivating your account is far quicker than searching out a new vendor every time your have something to ship.

Less Paperwork:  Most business endeavors involve forms, forms, and more forms. Repeat customers save time and avoid headaches by already having all their company policies, requirements, and requisite signatures on file.

Shorter Cycles:  Avoid reinventing the wheel with each subsequent shipment. Custom packaging elements can be re-created more quickly by the team that designed and fabricated them the first time around.

Planning Perks:  Sharing specs before production begins can help avoid expensive, last-minute gotchas, such as discovering that a crate is too tall or wide to fit into a standard tractor trailer. Long-term partners can realize advantages by checking in regularly for product previews and scheduling discussions.

Cost Savings:  Your packaging partner might be able to offer a discount if you commit to completing a certain number of shipments together over a specific timeframe.

Partner with CDC Packaging for the Long Haul

It may seem like an oxymoron to suggest that custom packaging can be a part of your company’s regular routine. But, developing a long-term relationship with a custom industrial packaging team can pay big dividends. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to make your shipments more reliable and cost-effective.