Cleanroom Packaging: Step by Step

CDC’s Cleanroom Packaging Services

Packaging equipment in a cleanroom environment requires specialized equipment and expertise. CDC Packaging can deliver that and more.

Cleanroom Packaging Supplies

From film to foam, CDC Packaging can provide any cleanroom packing supply you require, even if we have to customize it for you ourselves!

Experienced Cleanroom Packaging Technicians

Our employees are trained in cleanroom protocol and have years of experience working in cleanrooms. We conduct formal training at regular intervals and keep meticulous records on what training has been done.

Predictable, Repeatable Results

We have translated our years of experience into processes and procedures that ensure success every time. Those documents can be updated to precisely match your needs and ensure predictable, repeatable results every time for both you and your customers.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Through experience, product testing, evaluation, customer consultation, and strong business relationships, we have developed systems that are accepted by major industries, including:

Customized Capabilities

CDC Packaging is equipped to handle even the most unique application or specification. Our existing systems are flexible enough to handle most packaging scenarios, but we are ready to create an entirely new process from the ground up if your situation requires it.


CDC’s Packaging Process

Here’s the process we follow to ensure that our customers’ cleanroom packaging requirements are exceeded every time!

Step One:  Identify specific needs.

What are your customer’s specific needs for this shipment?

  • Who are the end users of your products?
  • What are their needs and expectations?
  • What type of facility will your product be used in? Will it be used in a class 10 cleanroom, a class 100 cleanroom, a class 1000 cleanroom or a class 10,000 cleanroom?
  • What is the receiving, unpacking, cleaning and transfer process used by your customer? Will they be removing one layer of plastic or foil on their receiving dock, one in an air shower and one inside of the cleanroom? Or will they be completely unwrapping your product in their receiving area and then cleaning it prior to transfer to their cleanroom?
  • Does the receiving and transfer process require special material handling such as plastic pallets, plastic boxes, plastic totes, air pallets or cleanroom pallet jacks?
  • Will riggers be involved? If so, does the size, shape, weight or fragility of your product require special handling?

What are your specific requirements?

  • What type of facility do you have?
  • Do you have a cleanroom?
  • Do you have a dedicated cleanroom packing area?
  • Do you need a portable cleanroom?
  • What are your material handling needs?
  • Will you require a rigger?

Step Two:  Share product samples.

We will provide you and your customer with samples of the cleanroom products we recommend for your shipment.

CDC Packaging can provide a wide variety of materials, including cleanroom nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane, foil, mil-b-131 foil, tyvek foil and various poly materials. Many are available as anti-static, static intercept, static dissipating (dissipative), corrosive intercept and conductive.

These materials can be fabricated into sheets, rolls, blankets, shrouds, tubes, flat bags, gusseted bags, and one-way valves that can be used to evacuate air or pump in nitrogen for nitrogen purging.

Step Three:  Deliver quote.

Once we have agreed on the materials to be used, we will provide you with a written cost estimate for your approval.

Step Four:  Provide documentation.

We will customize a system for your application which will include a step-by-step written procedure and possibly photos. This process will insure that you will get what you expect every time.

Step Five:  Fabricate materials.

After you have reviewed the system we designed and we have made all the requested changes and received your approval, we will order and fabricate all the required materials. Depending on your needs, we will manufacture or customize everything from wood pallets and crates to cleanroom poly and cushioning material. We will even contract a rigger or rent material-handling equipment, if necessary.

Step Six:  Deliver cleanroom packaging materials.

  • Before shipping your cleanroom packaging materials to you, we will make sure everything is clean and properly packaged.
  • Then we will inventory your order to make sure it is complete and accurate.
  • We will ship your order using the most efficient means available or bring it with us when we come to package your shipment.

Step Seven:  Ensure cleanroom integrity at your facility.

  • Prior to entering the cleanroom, our CDC packaging technicians clean all tools.
  • All packaging materials are cleanroom-packaged before entering the clean room.
  • All CDC Packaging cleanroom technicians follow your gowning procedures prior to entering the clean room.

Step Eight: Pack your product.

Once we are in the cleanroom, we take the following steps to properly package your equipment:

  • All parts and equipment are cleaned with a mixture of de-ionized water and isopropyl alcohol using clean room wipes.
  • All parts are wrapped in polyethylene film.
  • Delicate items are wrapped in bubble wrap. No loose fill or paper wrapping is used here, only cleanroom materials.
  • Specialty parts and assemblies are packaged in closed cell foam inserts.
  • Fragile items are packed in corrugated plastic boxes.
  • Large items are wrapped and, if required, sealed in custom-made cleanroom polyethylene bags.
  • If wood crates or skids must be brought into the clean room, they are carefully wrapped in polyethylene film.

Step Nine: Ship your product.

  • We will coordinate all the manpower and equipment needed to complete the proper packaging of your product. We will rent or contract any required equipment or rigging.
  • After your items are cleaned, packaged, and prepared for transport from the cleanroom, they are moved to the shipping area.
  • In the shipping area, the equipment is sealed in moisture barrier bags and crated.
  • Our cleanroom packaging experts will remain on site until your product is labeled.
  • Then we will clean the area we worked in and make sure your facility is left in order.
  • If desired, we can assist with freight forwarding and transportation arrangements, too.

Check out the clean room packaging photo tour to see how we prepared one customer’s equipment for shipment.